Piano Makers List - Most Popular Piano Manufacturers and Brands

Here is the list of some popular piano manufacturers and brands:

Steinway & Sons – Without any doubt, the most popular and well respected piano manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1853 by Henry Steinway, his company to this day produces the best pianos that money can buy.

Bosendorfer – Founded in Vienna in distant 1828, pianos made by the oldest piano manufacturing company in the world Bosendorfer are still handcrafted and still one of the very best.

Yamaha – Japanese manufacturer Yamaha is regarded as one of the most influential and well respected piano makers not only in Asia but entire world.

Piano Steinway and Sons

Baldwin – American piano manufacturer Baldwin from Nashville Tennessee started its life in 1860, and it still produces the largest amount of pianos and keyboard instruments in the United States.

Mason & Hamlin – Founded in Massachusetts in distant 1883, this piano company creates some of the best pianos that were made in North America. Their pianos are regarded as high standard of modern production.

Kawai – Another famous piano manufacturer comes from japan. Kawai opened its gates in 1927, and is famous for all types of pianos (grand, vertical, digital, stage, synthesizers…).

Stewart & Sons – Pianos from Stewart & Sons are today regarded as one of the best in the world, not only by their sound but by the quality of manufacture and innovative ways they are put together by hand.

Charles Walter – American company that caters individual needs of piano players. They often create pianos that will match the furniture or styles of specific buyers.

Bechstein – Very famous German made pianos that were made after 1853. Very popular model with modern pianists, including musicians such as Beatles, Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

Piano Steinway and Sons
Old Piano Ernst Korner & Co
Old Piano Ernst Korner & Co
Old Bechstein Piano
Old Baldwin Piano