Old Baldwin Piano

Old Baldwin Piano

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Piano Manufacturers and Brands

Pianos are instruments with incredible history, and they are today created not only in highly organized modern industrial setting, but also by many 100+ year old companies who are still valuing the craft of handmade creation that can produce the most magnificent piano sounds. Here you can learn about the most popular piano manufacturers in the world.

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Piano Components

Original wooden and handmade pianos are one of the most complicated musical instruments ever conceived, often being made with more than 10 thousand components and weighing over 800 kg. Here you can learn more about basic piano components and how they are influencing one another.

Piano Tuning and Maintenance

Piano tuning and maintenance is one of the most important aspects of the use of piano, because if their owners are not extremely careful in managing their instrument, very soon it will fell out of its tune and start producing sounds that are not pleasant. Here you can learn basics of piano care.