Piano Facts - Information about Pianos

Facts about pianos are very interesting and numerous, with many of them being fully capable to surprise you and show pianos in totally different light. If you are interested to learn more about pianos, you have come to the right place.

Gray Cat on the Piano

Interesting Facts about Pianos

Pianos were with us for hundreds of years, managing not only to heavily influence our music tastes and genres, but also enable musical masters to create some of the most memorable pieces of music that have become integral part of our culture and history. Find out all interesting facts about pianos.

Illustration of the Grand Piano

Types of Pianos

Pianos are complicated instruments that require a lot of effort for their creation, but even with such complexity musical experts managed to create many types of pianos that are today used all around the world. Find out more about various piano types here.

Playing the Piano

Variations of Piano

Pianos have countless variations and forms, which includes many non-stringed versions of instruments that have adopted its keyboard structure. Here you can learn more about many variations of piano and how they are used today.

Illustration of Piano Set
Red Rose on the Piano
Piano in the Concert Hall