Different Piano Variations - Instruments Related to Piano

Here is the list of some piano variations:

  • Classical piano – Grand and upright (vertical)
  • Digital piano – Fully-electronic musical instrument that retains the form of a modern vertical piano. It is used today as an alternative to traditional piano.
  • Electric piano – They use similar technique for digitizing music like electric guitars (transferring of vibrations by electric puickups). They were first created in late 1920s.
  • Electronic keyboard - Popularly seen in many modern musical band. They have ability to simulate digitized sounds of many types.
  • Electronic piano – Piano that emulates the vibration of the stringed wires by the effects of analog circyutry. They were introduced in 1950s.
  • Harmonichord – Vertical piano whose wires are not hit by the hammer but rubbed by indirectly transmitted friction.
Playing the Piano
  • Keytar – Eletronic keyuboard that is lightweight, portable, supported by shoulder strap and used by a standing player.
  • Melodica – Flute that uses keyboard as an input method for choosing which tones the flute will play.
  • Piano accordion – Popular type of accordion that uses piano keyboard as its main source of input for creating sounds.
  • Pipe organ - Very large music instruments that is played by both hands and feet. It uses keyboard (or multiple keyboard) inputs to open and close air pipes that are full with pressurized air. This air then creates sound.
  • Player piano – Self-playing piano that uses pneumatic or electro-mechanical mechanisms to create music.
Playing the Piano
Playing the Piano
Cat and the Piano